Kobe was a creative and passionate artist who left behind an impressive body of work in bronze and stone sculptures.

Following his sudden passing in 2014, his son Albin Saelens has taken on the responsibility of preserving his father’s artistic legacy by promoting his artworks through various means, including exhibitions, art fairs, museums, and collectors.

Albin provides expertise in assessing the authenticity of Kobe’s artworks and issuing certificates of authenticity while maintaining confidentiality.

Additionally, he offers assistance to those seeking information about Kobe’s artworks, including inquiries about buying, ownership, exhibition, and loan. For inquiries about Kobe’s artworks, please contact Albin.

Kobe and Albin Saelens

For inquiries about Kobe’s artworks

Albin Saelens poses beside ‘La Danesa Blu’ – 134,5 x 96 x 34 cm (base 10 x 39 x 54 cm) – Cipollino marble (copyright Albin Saelens)

Albin Saelens poses beside ‘La Baigneuse’ (The Bather) – 124 x 85 x 10 cm (base 10 x 20 x 12 cm) – Bianco Carrara Fantastico -copyright Albin Saelens