Kobe unexpectedly passed away in 2014. He devoted his life to making art and left an impressive oeuvre of marble and bronze sculptures. Now his son Albin Saelens has taken it upon himself to honour his father’s legacy and keep the appreciation for his art alive.

Out of love for his father and out of respect for his legacy, Albin travels around the world to meet people who are equally moved by the art of Kobe.
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Albin Saelens poses beside ‘La Baigneuse’ (The Bather) – 124 x 85 x 10 cm (base 10 x 20 x 12 cm) – Bianco Carrara Fantastico -copyright Albin Saelens

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Kobe, valued artist and craftsman, died suddenly in 2014. He left an impressive body of work, whose authenticity and virtuoso metier are beyond dispute. In February 2016, I (Albin Saelens, son of Jacques Saelens also known as Kobe) have taken it upon myself to honour my father’s legacy and keep the appreciation for his art alive. I travel around the world to meet people who are equally moved by the art of Kobe and I continue to promote Kobe’s artworks through the following activities:
Organizing exhibitions: Kobe’s sculptures can be admired at ‘Robinsons Art Gallery’ (Knokke-Zoute, Belgium) and Morren Galleries (Utrecht, The Netherlands). Both art galleries have some of Kobe’s sculptures on consignment.
Promoting the oeuvre: I am committed to further promoting Kobe’s artworks in various ways (through art galleries, art fairs and museums around the world), in the same original spirit of enthusiasm and attention to detail.
I am open to any proposals and requests from every museum and I am always happy to make a collection available for exhibitions and other artistic events. On Vastari (an institution that connects museums, collectors, exhibition producers, venues and suppliers for more efficient exhibitions) museums can have a look at the available sculptures.
Assessing the authenticity of the artworks: Individuals, auction houses, art dealers, museums and other institutions are more than welcome to inquire about the authenticity of a sculpture. A certificate of authenticity is issued if I am convinced of the authenticity of the artwork. All correspondence will be treated with confidentiality.
Realizing publications: In December 2016 a special monograph was published, entitled ‘Kobe – Ingenious Simplicity’ (252 p. – NL / EN / FR) (written by myself and art critic Johan Debruyne). I keep a record of all original documents relating to Kobe’s life and work, as well as a collection of pictures and reviews about his artworks in various media. I am looking for more photographic material (to possibly publish in a subsequent art book). Feel free to send me high resolution pictures of any artwork made by Kobe. All correspondence will be treated with confidentiality.

ALBIN SAELENS, son of Jacques Saelens, aka Kobe

Albin Saelens poses beside ‘La Danesa Blu’ – 134,5 x 96 x 34 cm (base 10 x 39 x 54 cm) – Cipollino marble (copyright Albin Saelens)

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