Selection of bronze sculptures
Kobe’s work started to take proper shape in the early 90s. Again and again, broad and narrow figures came to join his remarkable visual universe. Thematically, the female figure and the horse dominate his oeuvre.

Tight lines keep the ultimate shape in check of the female figure. The ‘skin’ of the sculptures immobilized the inner forces. Kobe created numerous female figures, but without the kind of extremely flirtatious femininity we know from fashion magazines and movies. What Kobe created was more mysterious in itself, was pure and simple.

Another favorite theme of Kobe is the horse. Not only because of its magical curves and strength, but there is also the myth which the animal carries inside. We give it (far too) little consideration, but we are much indebted to the animal.

Its history, moreover, runs parallel with that of man: the horse was always there. In times of hard work and ward,
in sports entertainment, in defeat and victory.

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