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“Art, used collectively for painting, sculpture, architecture and music, is the mediatress between and reconciler of nature and man. It is, therefore, the power of humanizing nature, of infusing the thoughts and passions of man into everything which is the object of his contemplation..”
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

It begins with this philosophic sentence, our blog.
It will result in an accurate study of beauty throughout history: the beauty which fascinated every kind of artist and art creators, up until today.

Through a piece of art, no matter if a painting or a sculpture, we can try to get in touch with the thought of an artist or, at least, with his/her aesthetic vision of an era.

Kobe - Arcade - 1999 - Clay Model - 670 x 630 x 440 cm (photographer unknown) 3

Monumental Sculpture

Sculpture, ancient form of art, was born together with painting in prehistoric times. Since its very beginnings, it has been ...
Meisje Met Staartjes (28 x 24 x 19,5 cm) (2007) (copyright Fotostudio Frans Lossie, Heusden)


Asymmetries  Professor McManus (University College of London) was awarded the 2002 Ig Nobel Prize -  the ironic prize dedicated to ...
Kobe - Amazone (Amazon) - 1994 - Bronze - 104 x 94 x 15 cm - copyright Robinsons Art Gallery 3


Friendship Portraying animals has been done since the dawn of humanity. Already in prehistoric times men drew them, painted them, ...
Love in Sculptures, Antonio Canova

Love in Sculptures

Love in Sculptures  “If I were to kiss you then go to hell, I would. So then I can brag ...
Kobe – Moeder en Kind (Mother and Child) - drawing - 1997 – (© Kobe)

Woman, the representation in the art world

Woman, the representation in the art world “Do women have to be naked to get into the Metropolitan Museum?' This was ...
horses bronze


Horses The representation of the horse in the artistic world is one among the most common artistic typologies, starting from ...


Michelangelo’s marble “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to ...
The aesthetic standards in the Twentieth century pICASSO

The Aesthetic Standards in the Twentieth Century

The Aesthetic Standards in the Twentieth Century The XXth century gave life to many changes in the world of art ...
Beauty and the Aesthetics Form : Klimt

Beauty and the Aesthetics Form

Beauty and ancient, medieval and rinascimental Aesthetics Form The aesthetic beauty, driving force behind poets and sculptures, far from the ...